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Using Writing to Tap Into our Intuition with Elizabeth Perlman, Founder of The Intuitive Writing Project

November 23, 2023 Jen Marples Episode 140
The Jen Marples Show
Using Writing to Tap Into our Intuition with Elizabeth Perlman, Founder of The Intuitive Writing Project
Show Notes

The Jen Marples show episode 140 is here, and today, we're getting out of our heads and into our hearts. My guest today, Elizabeth Perlman, is exceptional as she's dedicated her life to helping teenage girls and women tap into their intuition and creativity and bolster their self-esteem through writing.

Elizabeth shares that historically, women's feelings and embodied experiences have been shamed, judged, attacked, and negated for thousands of years. We have a deep knowing in our gut, heart, and mind (read: our intuition) about what is right and true for ourselves. We must sift through internal and external voices and years of programming to hear that intuition. 

Elizabeth shares the power of writing with us and gives us powerful exercises and tools that will help us:

  • Get back into alignment with ourselves.
  • Answer burning questions.
  • Tap into our creativity.
  • Find our voice.
  • Feel empowered.

Elizabeth is a passionate advocate for the intuitive power of teenage girls. She is dedicated to shining a light on the wisdom and insights of young women, supporting them to find and own their voice as leaders and change-makers. She is the founder and executive director of The Intuitive Writing Project (TIWP), a writing teacher, an essay coach, a youth mentor, a speaker, an author, a graphic designer, an interfaith minister, a poet, a podcaster and a creative leader in the field of transformative arts and writing.

Elizabeth and I also  discuss:

  • A powerful 13-minute writing exercise to tap into your deepest desires.
  • The power of storytelling and understanding that we're all storytellers.
  • The challenges of writing and the benefits of an intuitive approach. 
  • Three powerful writing exercises for self-reflection and intuition.
  • The science behind using writing to access the wholeness of our intuition.
  • The power of writing every day to express emotions and reduce stress.
  • Using writing to answer our burning questions about life. 

Elizabeth wants us to know we are all writers and that our voices need to be heard!

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